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Cape Disappointment"Isolated" - Steptoe Butte supports a lonely, isolated chunk of native vegetation in a sea of agriculture. Steptoe Butte is essentially the top of an old mountain that has been partially buried by the"Symmetry"View Toward Courthouse Towers."Aridland Horizons"Mount Adams from Takhlak Lake"Goat Marsh Old Growth" - The Goat Marsh Research Natural Area lies at the southwest base of Mount Saint Helens. The RNA was established to preserve a diverse wetland complex as well as intact forestsLonesome"Before Our Time" - Native prairie vegetation still covers much of Steptoe Butte. In the foreground is a nice example of what the Palouse prairie once looked like before our forebears converted it to"Selkirk Landscape""Kahlotus Morning" - Kahlotus Ridgetop Natural Area Preserve is managed by the Washington Dept. of Natural Resources (Natural Areas Program) to protect the best remaining example of 'dry' Palouse prai"Morning Sun on the Wenatchee River""Colors of Ohanapecosh""The Dichotomy of the Palouse" - The Palouse region of southeastern Washington once supported a vast stretch of grassland known as the Palouse prairie. This grassland is now one of the most endangered"Sullivan Lake, Washington""American Camp Prairie" - Native prairie remnant dominated by Roemer's fescue (Festuca roemeri) and California oat grass (Danthonia californica). Located at American Camp (San Juan Island National His"Soft Light of Wheat""Last Ones Standing""Coastal Bluff" - This coastal bluff had few remaining native species (due to past heavy grazing), but its beauty against the backdrop of the Straits of Juan de Fuca remains intact.Eastern Washington Vernal PoolSmall depressions and swales, created by massive flooding from Glacial Lake Missoula, wet up during winter and spring setting the stage for a beautiful display of wildflo